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(Shorter version of the lengthier ramble I posted earlier - I’d appreciate it so much if you shared this!)

So some of you may know I run a little business selling skirts, and some of you may also know that my son is autistic. Further to this, he’s starting school next year. Won’t lie: I’m totally crapping my pants at the thought of it. He’s a funny little bugger to us grownups, but to other kids he’s a bit of a weirdo and even the kids who are meant to be his friends often give him a hard time just because they can.

Which is where skirts and autism come together: we’re designing a range of red skirts, the proceeds of which will go to Autism Awareness. As the name rather aptly suggests, the organisation is all about raising autism awareness and educating the public about autism spectrum disorders. The skirts are going to be 24 inch long swing skirts (similar to full circle skirts) with side seam pockets in a red stretch sateen, priced at $50. We need a minimum of 15 orders to go ahead with this, so I’d loooooove it if you’d pop your hand up to purchase one! You can email me at for more information or to ‘register interest’ - if/once we get 15 orders, I’ll contact you regarding payment details (this step probably won’t happen until October, and skirts won’t be availble until early November I think - we’ll keep you updated once you’re on the ‘interested’ list!).

Let’s sweeten this a little bit, as it’s super important to me and I’d really like this to be a success …

Follow me and reblog (REBLOG!) this post to be in the chance to win a free red skirt (we’ll randomly choose someone), and of those people who actually buy, we’ll randomly choose someone to win a tote made from a fabric of their choice (we’re going to be getting in some fabulously kitsch ones in the next couple of months!) to go with their skirt. We’ll pick a winner on October 1.

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    Not long to go now! Also, reminder if this appeals to you at all: email me at if you’re...
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    Aw this is sweet!
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    As an autistic kid who has an obsession with swing skirts, this is fantastic haha. :D
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    If you’ve been thinking about getting your very own, custom made skirt at all, now’s your time!
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    I wish with all of my heart that I could do this
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    Guys this is a great cause! I’m definitely getting one!
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